• Notice and Form for 2014 Health Insurance

    Can you pls help by disseminating the attached Notice of Public Forum, rate changes and enrollment form? Members can fill out the GGHI Enrollment/Waiver/Change Request Form, scan and email to aldanlt@nmiretirement.com and then mail the original to the Fund. All forms received via email will be processed immediately in order to avoid any issues with coverage. I have included an Aetna newsletter that lays out the 2 different plan coverage as well as the Notice of Premium Change with the list of Premiums. Read more [...]
  • AETNA REMAINS! Fund Notice 2014 Health Insurance Coverage

    Donna: Can you pls forward to all retirees. There will be more updates sent out next week before the public forum.   OA-14-M053 2014 Health Insurance Coverage.pdf Read more [...]
  • Fund/Trust letter re health insurance

    Here is a letter from the GHLI Administrator notifying all health insurance enrollees of an update regarding the health insurance program. 12-27-2013 LMPangelinan Ltr to Health Ins Enrollees.final.pdf Read more [...]
  • computation

    10/16/13, Wed., 8:05 a.m. To: Ms. Bridget Camacho, Saipan Social Security District ManagerBridgette.Camacho@ssa.gov  Ms. Lillian Pangelinan, Acting Retirement Fund Administrator (?) pangelinanlm@nmiretirement.com Attorney Joyce Tang, Fund Settlement Trusteejtang@guamattorneys.com I just got a note from a concerned retiree about whether or not the Social Security Saipan Office will be making re-computations of the SS amounts going to those retirees who are eligible for SS and who have recently Read more [...]
  • Bill Stewart / AG to defend public pensions, Michigan state constitution

    REPOST OF ARTICLE FROM the Detroit Free Press  Michigan AG to defend public pensions, state constitution in Detroit bankruptcy filing By Matt Helms , Staff Writer  July 27, 2013      Attorney General Bill Schuette says that Michigan's constitution 'is crystal clear in stating that pension obligations may not be 'diminished or impaired. The move would put Attorney General Bill Schuette at legal odds on at least one aspect of the city's bankruptcy with the administration Read more [...]
  • Letter From Stewart to Superior Court Re CRA

      Letterhead of William H. Stewart Address & Telephone  October 8, 2012 The Honorable Kenneth L. Govendo Associate Judge Superior Court of the Commonwealth  of the Northern Marianas Islands c/o House of Justice, Guma' Hustisia, Iimwaal Aweewe P.O. Box 500307 Saipan, MP 96950-0307 Subject: Request inclusion of following letter and attachment in Court file and record  - Civil  #060367 as relates to any possible future Court  testimony by Board of Directors, Commonwealth Retiree's Read more [...]
  • Pension cut: Source of authority?

    note: this column was published in the Saipan Tribune. A retiree requested that it be added to the site. original source: http://www.saipantribune.com/newsstory.aspx?newsID=138546&cat=3) By John S. DelRosario Jr. There’s no shortage of frustration and sense of helplessness among retirees upon hearing of plans by the administration to cut 25 percent of pension paychecks at some point in the near term. Affected families (some 3,000) must have burned the midnight oil with calculators trying Read more [...]
  • KSPN2 Reports On NMIRF Settlement


    KSPN2 News Report June 26, 2013:

    KSPN2 News Report June 27, 2013:

  • Some Questions Regarding Tentative Settlement

    Although it is still early in the finalization process for the proposed settlement some immediate questions that have been raised and hope to be answered in the coming days are: Will Health and Life Insurance Benefits still be available for Retirees after the settlement and for the rest of their lives? Can Actively Employed DB Plan Members remain with the NMIRF and collect their pension when they eventually retire? Can Actively Employed DB Members that have already opted out of the program Read more [...]
  • BREAKING NEWS: Tentative Settlement Reached

    At the Status Hearing in front of Judge Tydingco-Gatewood in CNMI District Court on June 26,2013 at 5pm Attorney for the Plaintiff, Margery Bronster,  initially informed the judge that settlement talks seemed to have failed due to the fact that the Government was only willing to agree to huge cuts to retiree benefits and not willing to address anything else such as new taxes or government spending cuts. She said that the Government wanted the full weight of the burden to be placed on the retirees Read more [...]
  • Judge Orders All Parties to Submit Names of Receivers

    Judge Tydingco-Gatewood has ordered that all parties in the Johnson Case submit at least 3 names of potential Receivers. Johnson filed a motion requesting receivership in September of 2012 and it has been fully briefed by all parties. All names of recommended Receivers should be submitted prior to July 8. The Judge will decide whether to mover the NMIRF into Receivership after the marathon hearing scheduled for August 5-6, 2013.  Here is her order: receiver order 6.18.2013.pdf Read more [...]
  • Retirees Offer Solutions to Fund Problems Ignored by the Administration, Legislature, Courts and a Gaggle of Attorneys “Don’t Tell the Court There Is No Money When There Are Sources”

    Retirees Offer Solutions to Fund Problems Ignored by the  Administration, Legislature, Courts and a Gaggle of Attorneys "Don't Tell the Court There Is No Money When There Are Sources" By William H. Stewart, Economist & Retiree   As pointed out by several retirees, CNMI lawmakers and all CNMI public officials took their oaths to uphold and defend U.S. federal and  NMI  Constitutions and all local laws. Art. III section 20 of the CNMI Constitution specifically prohibits any Read more [...]
  • Status Conference Set For June 26 at 4:30pm


    Judge Tydingco-Gatewood has set a status conference for June 26, 2013 at 4:30pm in CNMI District Court. The status of the Global Settlement will be the focus.

  • Global Settlement Conference June 24-26

    Judge Faris will be holding a 3 day Global Settlement Conference at the CNMI District Court on June 24 through 26. The settlement conference is being looked at as the final attempt to avert a full fledged trial in Federal Court. The NMIRF (TAL) has stated that they are "plainly pessimistic" that a deal will be reached in the settlement talks. The Betty Johnson attorneys have also indicated that they are not hopeful for favorable results. The Office of the Attorney General/Governor however continue Read more [...]
  • CRA Meeting with TAL, NMIRF and OAG 6/12/13

    Here is a link to a playlist of video from the CRA Meeting held on 6/12/13 at the Gilbert Ada Gym in Susupe. The sound quality was awful and I could not get the mic to pick it up clearly. I will be adding more as they are converted. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGsb7CSs6TNC5GbHeoIeNnRKqcUtoj_bx Read more [...]
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